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My passion for paper started with two semesters of paper making  at the College of the Desert in Palm Desert, California. It captured my imagination and I was flooded with ideas  of how paper can be used as a medium for art.  the beauty of creating art with natural fibers eventually lead me to trying clothing.


I used  denim within my original sculpted casted art and started experimenting with various  types of clothing..  I discovered that by using clothing and fabrics there was such an  endless palate of colors I could work with. 


Over the years I have experimented  with castingsgs and sculpture, bending it to create 3-D art, folding it into unique origami shapes as well as illuminating it with light. I have looked at paper from every angle , trying to push the limits of what can be created from paper and ultimately pushing myself as an artist to create works of art that have never been done before. 

     David Graybill-Paper Artist

One Vision Inspires Another

David & Marie Graybill


Marie Graybill -Jewelry Designer


Our eco friendly jewelry was a passion from the very begining. 


Upon seeing David's marbled paper and the unique patterns that he created, I mentioned to him that it looked like an exotic stone.  Which made us both wonder if we could

somehow make it into a necklace. 

That moment was the start of what would become  an amazing  journey for us both.


With a tremendous amount of work and dedication David & I  have created our own techniques

to create a jewelry line that has the same look and beauty of a polished stone but with an

eco friendly upcycled twist to it.  


One of our greatest joys is when customers ask "What kind of stone is this?".  

We always love  the look of disbelief  when we tell them its not a stone at all but

handmade paper made from clothing fibers.

We hope you  enjoy our creations as much as we do. All of our pieces are

unique in ther own way. We believe that because of the fluidity and the color combinations

as well as the  various fabrics and clothing used within Davids paper it makes every piece of jewlery and art

"One of a Kind Every Time".


As with any journey, you may not know where  the path may lead or the many wonderful people you will meet along the way .  


                                       We would love to hear from you. 


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