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 All of these casted pieces start as clay, then formed and sculpted into the ideas of  artist David Graybill.  The clay is is then covered with a hard flexible latex mould. Which creates a negative image of the sculpted piece.  Once the mould is created you are then able to create the fiber castings. All of the colors within the castings are created from the cotton fiber pulp.  The pulp is hand pressed witin the latex mould to create the unique one of a kind art.  We currently have over 200 different colors of pulp to match any decor. 



 This piece was created using the fibers of gray and black sweaters for the treeline.  Khaki pants for the pathway. Three shades of  green t-shirts for the grass.  The skyline was created using denim blue jeans , yellow t-shirts and a mixture of light and dark orange t-sirts/ jackets. 


 Abstract Rock

 Created using the fibers of white cotton t-shirts and a mixture of khaki and tan dress slacks.  

Measures 12"x 12"


The Path Less Traveled

 Pathway created from light and gray sweaters with hints of black pants. Treeline created from khaki pants.  Three shades of green t-shirts were used to create the grass and a mixture of yellow

t shirts and light and dark orange t-shirts and jackets were used for the sky.



Junk Ship

 Junk ship is created from the fibers of black dress pants. Water is made from dark gray sweaters, yellow & orange t-shirts and red sweaters.  Clouds are created using a mixture of light gray pants and a marbling of

yellow,orange and red t-shirts. 


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