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All of the color of our jewelry is created using our  handmade marbled paper.  Our paper is created using

the fibers of clothing and various fabric remnants.  Artist David Graybill creates

his paper by breaking down the clothing into the finest of fibers to produce a pulp.  

He does not use any chemicals or dyes within this process,  all color comes from the original material.

Using his own marbling techniques David creates a marbled  paper with a fluidity

that takes on a life of its own. Because of this technique each piece of our paper will never be the same.

Which makes each of our jewerly creations " One of a Kind Every Time" . 

We currently offer 28 different colors of our paper for our jewelry designs.

 Click on images below to view all jewerly selections within that color.

Fire Paper

Red & Black

Burgundy, Pink

& White

Pink, White & Gray

Coral Pink & White

Dark Coral Pink & Black

Hot Pink & Black

Idyllwild Dreamin

Drape & White

Drape & Black

Teal Green & White

Emerald Green

& Black

Earth Paper

Denim & White

Red, White & Blue

Blue & Green

Turquoise & Black

Turquoise & White

Denim, White & Turquoise

Turquoise, Lime & Black

Purple & White

Purple, Teal & Black

Purple & Pink

Lilac & Purple

Purple, Lime, White

 & Black

 Black & White

Khaki & Black

Quilt Paper

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